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Chief of Police

Policing is a vital public service governed much like any private sector corporation with the Chief of Police reporting to a Village Board - similar to a Chief Executive Officer reporting to a Board of Directors.

The Police Chief reports to the Village Manager and the President and Board of Trustees, and similar to a CEO, ensures the efficient and effective operation of all components of the Police Department.

In addition to leading the Department, the Police Chief is also a police officer, and holds all responsibilities and rights afforded that role, including preserving the peace, preventing crimes, assisting victims of crime, apprehending criminals and other offenders and executing warrants.

As the Chief of Police, duties are defined in Chapter 34 Village of La Grange Code of Ordinances.  Some of those duties include:

  • Preserving the peace, order and safety of the Village
  • Protecting the rights of persons and the protection of property in the Village
  • Enforcing the Village Code, all Village Ordinances, State Statutes and all lawful orders of the Village Board
  • Providing a proper Police force and to maintain discipline within the Police Department
  • Receiving and investigating any complaints against the members of the Police Department