Zoning & Maps

Current Zoning Code & Map

The Community Development Department administers the zoning regulations of the Village. The current zoning code and maps were originally adopted in 1991 in a comprehensive adoption of the code. Periodic reviews and amendments of the code and maps are made every few years to adjust for changing national laws and local conditions.

Zoning Applications

Property owners or other parties with a contractual interest in property, may apply for a variety of zoning approvals as outlined in the La Grange Zoning Code. Many applications require a public hearing process, with review by a recommending commission before consideration by the Village Board. Below are a list of various application types. It is highly recommended that you consult with the Village Planner prior to submitting any zoning application. 

Zoning Code & Zoning Map

For More Information

If you need a specific section of the code, please email Village Planner Kelsey Fawell or call (708) 579-2320.