Applications, Forms & Informational Handouts

Information on permit and inspection protocol can be found on the Building Permit Information page (LINK)

Informational Handouts

The Village has prepared a variety of informational handouts to aid residents in their undrestanding of Village policies and construction requirements for various types of improvements.

Other Applications


Zoning applications are available on the Zoning & Maps page (LINK). It is highly recommended that you consult with the Village Planner prior to submitting a zoning application.

Business & Liquor Licenses

Business licenses applications may now be completed online. More information on business license requirements and instructions for using the online portal are available on the Business Licensing page (LINK).

Information on the liquor license approval process, application form, and a link to the Village liquor code are available on the Liquor Licensing page (LINK).

For More Information

If you have any questions regarding the operations of the Village, or concerns which you would like to share, please contact Community Development at (708) 579-2320.