Building Permit Fee Schedules

The Following Building Permit Fees (effective as of April 16, 2012)

General Permit Fees

Deposit and Escrow
Amount Due at Time of Application
One & Two Family
New Construction
$4,000 Escrow
Note: In the event that any funds remain, balance will be refunded at time of Final Certificate of Occupancy
Commercial Projects$500; projects over $175,000 require a deposit of 0.003 of total construction costs (example: $200,000 cost x .003 = $600 deposit)
Additions, Renovations and Interior Remodel to Existing One & Two Family Structures
Engineering Escrow (if required)$1,000
All other projects$65
Plan ReviewFee
Residential (including Building Code, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.)
New Single Family Home
Residential Addition
Interior Remodel
Detached Garage
All Others

$530 for first review
$280 for first review
$115 for first review
$115 for first review
$65 for first review
$65 for each additional review
$110 per hour - 1 hour minimum
$100 per unit
Fire Department (fire alarm, suppression system, etc)
$75 per review; PLUS Consultant Review Fee
One and Two Family Structure Permit
New Construction$2 per square foot of living space & $0.75 per square foot of habitable basement (ancillary mechanical, electrical, and plumbing included)
Additions & Renovation to Existing Structures1.5% of construction cost; $50 Minimum (includes ancillary mechanical, electrical and plumbing)
Commercial Structure Permit (Commercial, Institutional, Multi-family, Industrial)Fee
Commercial projects - New construction, additions, build-outs, etc.1.5% of construction cost up to $1,000,000;
1% of cost for next $4,000,000; and
0.5% of cost over $5,000,000;
Demolition Permit
Accessory Structures
Other PermitsFee
Minimum Permit Fee1.5% of cost; $50 minimum
Mechanical (A/C units, furnace, Water Heaters, Fire Dampers)1.5% of the cost, $50 minimum
Electrical1.5% of the cost, $50 minimum
Plumbing Supply, Drain, Waste & Vent1.5% of the cost, $50 minimum
Swimming Pools1.5% of the cost, $100 minimum
Signs, Illuminated$125
Signs, Non-Illuminated$100
$100 1st thru 3rd floors; $20 each additional floor
PLUS Consultant Review Fee-$100
Consulting Engineer Fees (includes the hourly rate for plan review, correspondence, meetings, site visits, inspections, etc.)$114.85 per hour
Residential Permeable Paver Review
Inspection ServicesFee
Semi-annual elevator inspections
$50 per inspection
Other AdministrativeFee
Certificate of Occupancy$50
Work without a permitDouble Permit Fee
Permit renewal
1.5% of cost of remaining work
Code of Conduct Sign

Water Connection Fees

Water Meter Cost

SizeType (Sensus)Meter Cost 
Smart PointMeter CopperhornFittingsInspection/ Installation FeeTotal Meter
5/8 inchesiPerl117.00125.00111.0035.00100.00488.00
3/4 inchesiPerl134.00125.00111.0035.00100.00505.00
1 inchiperl172.00125.00111.00N/A100.00508.00
1 1/2 inchesC2 Omni975.00125.00N/A60.00100.001,260.00
2 inchesC2 Omni1,200.00125.00N/A72.00100.001,497.00
3 inchesC2 Omni1,520.00125.00N/A184.00100.001,929.00
4 inchesC2 Omni2,640.00125.00N/A205.00100.003,070.00
6 inchesC2 Omnis4,560.00125.00N/A345.00100.005,130.00

Water meter installation to be performed by Public Works for 5/8 inches, 3/4 inches and 1 inch
Water meter installation to be performed by Contractor for 1 1/2 inches and larger

Water Tapping Fees

SizeMaterials Provided by Public WorksTotal Tapping Fee
1 inchCorporation, B-Box, Roundway800.00
1 1/2 inchesCorporation, Saddle, B-Box, Roundway800.00
2 inchesCorporation, Saddle, B-Box, Roundway800.00
3 inchesPressure Tap, Materials provided by a contractor800.00
4 inchesPressure Tap, Materials provided by a contractor800.00
6 inchesPressure Tap, Materials provided by a contractor800.00

Water taps to be performed by the contractor and inspected by Public Works

Sewer Connection Fee $800.00

Contractor Registration

See Contractor’s Annual Registration and Bond Requirements

Zoning ApplicationsFee
Administrative Adjustments$250
Consolidation/Resubdivision$500 Escrow
Design Review Permit$200 Filing Fee, non-refundable
Planned Development$3,500 Escrow
Special Use Permit$2,500 Escrow
Vacation of Public Right-of-Way$200 non-refundable deposit
Variations$1,500 Escrow
Variations for Garage Height$1,500 Escrow
Zoning Amendments$1,500 Escrow
Zoning Appeals$1,500 Escrow

PLEASE NOTE: All building permit applications require your 14 digit property index number (PIN) which can be found on your Cook County tax bill.

For More Information

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