To Report Emergencies or for Emergency Assistance Always Dial 911


Local flooding is most often the result of sudden, torrential downpours. This type of flooding overwhelms the sewer system and results in street and basement flooding.

Residents are reminded that flooded areas can hide hazards like electrical lines, open manholes, and health hazards of contaminated water. Flooded basements can result in electrical hazards and extinguished pilot lights on appliances. Do not enter a flooded basement where electrical equipment may be underwater.

For assistance with a flooded basement contact the Fire Department and the Department of Public Works. If you are concerned about electrical or gas hazards, always dial 911.

Heat Emergency

A 24-hour cooling center will be available at La Grange Memorial Hospital:
5101 Gilbert Avenue
La Grange, IL 60525

For more information, contact the Police Department's non-emergency number, (708) 579-2333.


The Village Emergency Management Agency will direct the sirens to be sounded if the Village is threatened by a reported tornado. Residents should be alert when severe weather threatens, as tornadoes can form without warning.

To report a tornado or funnel cloud, call the La Grange Police. During severe weather, residents are asked to refrain from calling 911 for information and should instead monitor local television or radio stations, or the National Weather Service radio system.

Winter Storm

Winter storms can make driving difficult, cause power outages, and delay emergency responses. Residents are urged to consider these possibilities in preparing for any winter storm.

For general winter storm safety information, contact the Fire Department at (708) 579-2338. For snow removal information, contact the Department of Public Works at (708) 579-2328. You can also visit the Chicago Office of the National Weather Service for additional information.