Brush Pick-Up Service

Monthly Free Brush Pick-Up

The Village offers a free brush pick-up service once per month from April through November starting on the first Monday of the month. Types of brush include tree branches and shrub trimmings. Residents are invited to put these items out for removal on the Sunday prior to the week of pick-up, but no later than 7:00 am on the first Monday of each month. Brush pick-up generally starts on the east end of the Village one month, and then on the west end of the Village the following month. The brush pick-up program takes about one to two weeks to perform, so please be patient during this time period for the Village to perform this service.  Items considered to be brush consist of fallen or cut branches and limbs from trees and bushes that cannot fit into a biodegradable paper bag or a 35-gallon reusable container for regular yard waste pick-up.

For 2022, brush pick-up weeks start on the following days:

  • April 4
  • May 2
  • June 6
  • July 5 - (Offices are closed July 4th due to Independence Day holiday)
  • August 1
  • September 6 - (Offices are closed September 5th due to Labor Day holiday)
  • October 3
  • November 7

Brush Pick-Up Guidelines

In the interest of time and safety, we ask that residents place their brush on the parkway in the following manner:

  • All brush must be placed in a neat compact pile on the parkway with cut ends facing the street with no roots attached. Piles should not extend the entire length of the parkway. One compact large pile is preferred over smaller separate piles.
  • Brush must not be tied and not be placed in containers
  • Brush must not overhang into the street or sidewalk
  • Do not place brush against a streetlight pole, fire hydrant, buffalo box, tree trunk, etc.
  • Do not place brush under tree branches and other overhangs as it is difficult to pick up with the machine.
  • All wire, vines, or other foreign objects must be removed
  • Do not mix root balls, grass, leaves, or other yard waste with the brush
  • Branches are limited to no more than eight feet in length and eight inches in diameter
  • Removal of branches or trees trimmed or removed by a contractor are the contractor’s responsibility
  • Diseased trees, tree trunks, logs, decaying, or rotted firewood will not be picked up

For additional information, please email the Public Works Department.