Public Works


The Department of Public Works is the local municipal department responsible for the following services:

  • Maintenance of 53 miles of public streets and alleys, 100 miles of sidewalks, and associated signage
  • Maintenance of municipal buildings and Central Business District
  • Operation and maintenance of the sanitary sewer and stormwater collection and conveyance systems, which includes 72 miles of combined, storm, and sanitary sewers
  • Operation and maintenance of the Village's potable water system, which includes 60 miles of water main, 4,500 water meters and services, 591 fire hydrants, and 862 water valves
  • Operation of the street lighting system
  • Oversight of Village engineering services related to the Village's infrastructure
  • Preservation and maintenance of an urban forest of approximately 10,000 trees and 13 acres of landscape
  • Snow and ice control services for public roadways and parking lots
  • Brush and leaf pickup