The Village's Forestry Division is responsible for the health and vitality of over 10,000 trees that make up the Village's urban forest. The Village has a long proud heritage of maintaining tree-lined streets dating back to its founding father, Franklin Cossitt. In addition to trees, the Forestry Division is also responsible for maintaining over 13 acres of landscaped areas including all of the flower planting in the Central Business District. For a more specific information or questions concerning the Village's urban forest, please contact the Department of Public Works, at 708-579-2328.

Tree Inventory Online

Access an interactive map that provides information on each public parkway tree. Information includes species common and Latin name, trunk diameter, tree height, and spread. You will have to zoom in to see individual trees.

Monthly Brush Pickup Program

The Village offers a free brush pick-up service once per month from April through November during the first full week of the month. View more information on this program.

Fall Leaf Pickup

The Village offers an opportunity for residents to dispose of leaves during the fall at no cost to the resident. View more information regarding this service.

Tree Trimming Program

Each year the Village trims trees within a particular section of the Village in order to maintain the health of the Village's urban forest. The goal of this program is to trim trees on a five-year cycle. If there is a branch that poses a safety concern, please fill out the Tree Trimming Request form.

Tree Planting Program

In maintaining our urban forest, we strive to plant a replacement tree for each parkway tree removed due to disease and damage (storm, vehicular, etc.) In addition, we attempt to fill vacant parkway locations if available funds allow. If you have any questions regarding the Tree Planting Program, please contact the Department of Public Works, at 708-579-2328.

Emerald Ash Borer

The Illinois Department of Agriculture has confirmed the presence of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in La Grange. The insect is a small, metallic green, non-native invasive pest whose larvae feed underneath the bark of the branch and trunks of ash trees thereby cutting off their ability to transport nutrients and ultimately causing the tree's decline. View more information on this threat.

Free Mulch Program

The brush that is picked up from the monthly brush pickup program is ground into mulch and stored in an area on Tilden Avenue just north of the BNSF railroad. Residents are welcome to take this mulch for free for use on their properties. Residents are responsible for loading and transporting the mulch.