What to do if you see a Coyote

Over the past several years, coyotes have migrated eastward into the Chicago metropolitan area because of displacement from their natural habitat caused by regional development. They have settled and adapted to suburban environments such as La Grange because of the abundance of food sources and shelter.

The Village has received reports of coyotes being seen generally within the community.

Residents Urged to Report Coyote Sightings

Residents are urged to report coyote sightings in order to assist the Village with isolating coyote movement areas and times. The information will assist us to more specifically identify its denning area, and for purposes of determining if additional actions are warranted or will be effective. We do not recommend that residents pursue or track the animal. If you believe that you have seen a coyote, please call the La Grange Police Department's non-emergency number at (708) 579-2333.

Precautionary Measures

All residents are asked to take the following precautionary measures to help deter coyote activity:

  • Keep refuse properly contained;
  • Do not feed birds at ground level;
  • Do not leave pet food outside;
  • Keep lights on overnight;
  • Keep an eye on small pets while outdoors, preferably keeping cats indoors and dogs on a leash.

Encountering Coyotes

Should you encounter a coyote on a late-night walk or an early morning jog, stand tall, make eye contact and stare it down, clap your hands, wave your arms but never run.

The following links provide additional information concerning coyotes:

For additional information please email the Environmental Health Officer or call 708-579-2320.