South Basin / 50th Street Storm Sewer

South Basin Storm Sewer Project

This project represents a significant infrastructure investment to expand stormwater system capacity for six low-laying depressional areas located south of 47th street.  This watershed is referenced as the "South Basin" and has the most significant impact from flooding based on past analysis.  Overland flooding attributable to Des Planes River Tributary A causes significant impact in low lying areas and overwhelms combined and storm water systems.  

The project will improve conveyance through installation of stormwater system components between Brainard Ave and East Ave. The goal of the project is to improve drainage characteristics so that water level does not flood homes during common storm events.  As the system is limited by how much water can be discharge at the system outlets, flooding risk will still remain in some measure, albeit lessened significantly.  

The project is made possible through a partnership between the Village and MWRD. Preliminary funding for the project was generated through a 2015 referendum approved by voters.  Since funding has become available through successful passage of the referendum, the Village has been unable to proceed with the construction project due to litigation with Lehigh Hanson Quarry in McCook. The ongoing litigation has prohibited the Village's ability to increase discharge of stormwater into an existing remnant stormwater sewer pipe that was intentionally severed by the Quarry in order to expand quarry operations. 

Additional information and background can be found by visiting the Informational Workshop webpage for past presentations associated with stormwater mitigation that include significant discussion around the South Basin/50th Street Stormwater Project.