Compensation & Benefits

The Village values and understands the importance of attracting and retaining a professional workforce in order to meet the service demands of residents and businesses.  To remain competitive, the Village maintains an Employee Compensation Plan for each position in the Village’s classification plan, with the exception of unionized personnel, whose compensation is governed by collective bargaining agreements.

Employee Compensation Plan

The Employee Compensation Plan includes analyzing comparable communities’ salary and benefit information on a regular basis as well as other factors such as cost of living and employee performance. Union contracts are subject to a specific set of collective bargaining laws, which includes binding interest arbitration decisions.

Itemized Compensation

In accordance with Illinois Public Act 097-609, the Village provides an itemized compensation report and annual leave allotment for all employees.  Questions regarding the information contained in the reports should be directed to Village Manager at (708) 579-2313.

Pursuant to Public Act 101-0504, please visit for more information regarding IMRF employer cost and participation information.