Energy Impact Illinois

Energy Impact Illinois (EI2) is an alliance of the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, utility companies, government agencies, and citizen advocacy groups. The purpose of the program is to create a long-term market for improving the energy efficiency of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Instant Rebate

When available, the program offers an instant rebate of 70% (up to $1,750), for homeowners that perform air sealing and insulation work. The goal of the program is to help homeowners reduce energy consumption by at least 15 percent, saving the average home $500 per year. More information regarding this program is available by calling 855-9-IMPACT.

Low-Interest Loans & Incentives

In addition to the instant rebate, Energy Impact Illinois also provides access to low-interest loans and incentives related to energy efficiency. Please visit the Energy Impact Illinois website for information regarding improvements and tips to help lower energy bills. The website also includes a tool that provides a personalized report on your home's energy use.

For more information regarding energy efficiency and assistance programs available to residents, please contact the Village of La Grange at (708) 579-2313.