Stormwater Projects

Sewer Construction & Rehabilitation

The Village continues to identify and pursue improvements to its sewer system, which includes constructing new conveyance systems and rehabilitating others through targeted investments that are informed through a robust televising program. Construction projects include the following:

  • South Basin / 50th Street Relief Sewer 
    • The watershed where this is located is referenced to as the "South Basin" and encounters the most significant impacts from flooding based on past analysis. The storm sewer project in this area represents a significant infrastructure investment to expand stormwater system capacity for six low-laying depressional areas located south of 47th street.  
    • Litigation with Hanson Quarry in McCook has delayed this project, however, recent court findings have allowed the Village to proceed with engineering design. 
  • Maple Avenue Relief Sewer (MARS) 
    • The MARS project involves the construction of a relief sewer along Maple Avenue from Bluff Avenue to Peck Avenue.
    • The Village was able to construct the first stage of MARS in 2009-10 as part of the Bluff Avenue Reconstruction Project.  This involved connecting a sewer to the TARP or “Deep Tunnel” system at the corner of Cossitt and East Avenues.  The next phases then extended to the intersection of Maple and Bluff Avenues and from Bluff Avenue to 6th Avenue.  
    • MWRD has indicated that additional expansion of this system is reliant upon the timing of MWRD expanding their Deep Tunnel system capacity, which is expected in 2029.
  • Ogden Avenue Relief Sewer (OARS) 
    • The Ogden Avenue Relief Sewer (OARS) project involves the construction of a relief sewer along Ogden Avenue, Ashland Avenue, and Bell Avenue to improve the drainage characteristics of the watershed. The Village has engaged the services of Christopher B. Burke Engineering, LLC to update the Village's stormwater modeling and evaluate this project.  Data generated will inform the development of project scope, feasibility, permitting requirements, cost, benefit, and overall prioritization within the framework of the Village's overall flood mitigation efforts.

Project Planning

Christopher B. Burke Engineering, LLC has been contracted to update the Village's stormwater modeling and use that data to inform the development of project scope, feasibility with permitting through MWRD and external agencies, cost, and overall prioritization for the area north of 47th Street (North Basin).  The development of this plan will serve to ensure that future planned construction efforts take into account costs, benefits, and executability of proposed project. The plan will serve to identify where targeted investments can be made to maximize the Village’s return for investments made in infrastructure. 

Green Infrastructure Improvements

Permeable brick pavers systems, in the proper application, allow water to absorb into the ground rather than drain into the combined sewer system, decreasing the burden placed on the sewer system.  The design reduces storm water runoff rates, volumes and pollutant loads, and partially restores the natural hydrology at the site of installation.