Citizens Information Center - Transparency

The Village of La Grange has a commitment to open and transparent governance and continually strives to improve access to information of public interest. To allow residents to more quickly access information located throughout the Village's website, links to topics that may be of most interests to the public are provided below.

For more information regarding transparency and access to public documents, please contact the Village Manager's office at (708) 579-2313.

  1. Elected and Administrative Officials
  2. Meeting Information
  3. Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA
  4. Budget
  5. Financial Audit
  6. Annual Treasurers Report
  7. Salary and Benefits
  8. Collective Bargaining Agreements
  9. Lobbying
  10. Fee Schedule (PDF)
  11. Approved Contracts and Agreements
  12. Current Open Bids and Requests for Proposals
  13. Consolidated Vouchers
  14. Summary of Revenues by Fund and Type
  15. Major Revenue Source - Tax and Per Capita Rates (PDF)