Edgewood Avenue Reconstruction Project

Preliminary Engineering

On February 11, 2019, the Village Board approved an agreement with the civil engineering firm Civiltech Engineering, Inc. to design and develop preliminary plans and cost estimates for improving Edgewood Avenue. This project is a cooperative effort between the Village of La Grange and Cook County.

The scope of engineering services for this project includes data collection and coordination, alternatives assessment, and preparation of plans, specifications and cost estimates for the reconstruction of Edgewood Avenue from 47th Street to 52nd Place. A public meeting will be held later in the summer of 2019 once the preliminary engineering plans and cost estimates have been completed. Alternatives will be presented at the meeting and public input on the project will be received. Please note funding for the construction of this project has not yet been identified.

Public Information Meeting

On September 12, 2019, the Village held a public information meeting concerning the Edgewood Avenue Reconstruction Project. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the project to the public, present alternatives and seek public input and comments regarding the project. To view project information, please select the following links.

Construction Notice

Please select the following links for construction notices issued for this project.