Applying for a Building Permit

Online Permitting: Step-By-Step Instructions

Building permit applications may now be submitted online. All applicants need to create a Citizen Services account in order to apply for a permit through the online portal. The steps below illustrate the basic process to create a  user account and begin a permit application. Additionally, detailed step-by-step instructions are provided in this guide (PDF) and can be printed or saved for reference. If you are unable to complete the application online, you may schedule an appointment for staff to assist you in completing the application at Village Hall.

If you are a contractor and have already created an account to complete the contractor registration, or you have an existing OpenGov account for another community, you can log in with those credentials. 

Please Note: The system will send emails with various notifications related to your application. The email you use to set up your user account will be the email that receives all automated correspondence.  Please add to your contacts to avoid these messages going to spam.

Step One: Select the Desired Permit Application Type

As shown in the image below, the landing page for the Community Development Department will provide a brief summary of various application types. Review the application types and click the blue "Select" button next to the type of permit application you wish to complete.

OpenGov - Community Development launch screen

Step Two: Click "Apply Online"

Next, a new page will appear with further detail on the selected permit application type; review and confirm this is the appropriate application for your scope of work. As shown in the image below (from the express permit application type), click the blue "apply online" button to begin the permit application process for the type of work that you will be completing.

OpenGov - Express Building Permit

Step Three: Click "Sign Up" or "Log In" and Complete Application

As shown in the image below, two options will appear, log in and sign up. If you have not created an account, click the "sign up" tab at the top of the window and enter your email address and password . Then click the blue "sign up" bar at the bottom of the window. 

This link will take you through the steps to complete the permit application.  Additionally, the Village has prepared detailed step-by-step instructions (PDF) for completing the permit application that you can view or print.

Sign Up button
Password Requirements