Leaf Disposal - Mulching, Composting, and Collection

Put those leaves to work for you!

Instead of going through the effort of raking leaves to the street, or bagging them for collection, consider a few ways you can use them at home.  

  1. Mulch leaves with your lawnmower. Leaving your leaves on the lawn and going over them with a mulching lawnmower can help control weeds, improve soil quality and provide food and nesting materials for wildlife.  
  2. Use fall leaves as mulch for your garden beds. 
  3. Compost them in a home composting pile. 
  4. Make leaf mold to be used as a soil amendment in the garden. 

Village Fall Leaf Disposal Program

The Village also offers the opportunity for residents to dispose of leaves during the fall at no cost to the resident. For more information regarding this program, please click here

The Village's fall leaf pick-up program will start Monday, October 2, 2023, and continue through to November 22, 2023.

Kindly note that the yard waste collection program which includes composting and runs from April 1 to December 15, is separate from Village leaf collection in the fall. While leaves are collected by the Village, Flood Brothers will also collect grass clippings, brush, and other landscaping debris through their yard waste program.

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