Parking Restrictions

Overnight Parking Restrictions

All La Grange residents and visitors should be aware of the Village's overnight parking restrictions. Local ordinances prohibit parking on any Village street between the hours of 2:00 am and 6:00 am.

To register your vehicle for an online overnight parking pass, please visit the Frontline public portal.

Central Business District Residents

A parking decal is required for residents who live within the Central Business District (CBD) to park overnight in downtown La Grange. CBD residents should call Village Hall at (708) 579-2300 for information regarding the residential day and overnight parking within the business district.

Overtime Parking Prohibited

No vehicle shall be parked for any period of time in excess of the time posted on the officially erected signs or legends or notice effective for the parking space for which it is erected during the effective time thereof.

No vehicle, upon leaving a time restricted parking space, shall be again parked in any time restricted space in any portion of either side of the same street in the same block, or in any time restricted space in any Village lot adjoining the same street in the same block, for a period of time equal to or greater than the time posted upon the officially erected sign regulating the parking space from which the vehicle is being moved. For the purpose of the ordinance, “block” is defined as that space along the street between immediate intersecting streets.

Example: If you park your vehicle in a 2 hour parking space and leave after 15 minutes, you cannot return to that same block/parking lot or any adjacent block/parking lot for at least two hours from the time you left.

Visitor Parking Permission

If you have a special circumstance or an overnight guest, street parking will be permitted on an individual basis for one night at a time, with a maximum of five nights per month.

This can be accomplished by calling the La Grange Police Department's non-emergency number, which is (708) 579-2333.