Parking Restrictions

Overnight Parking Restrictions

All La Grange residents and visitors should be aware of the Village's overnight parking restrictions. Local ordinances prohibit parking on any Village street between the hours of 2:00 am and 6:00 am.

To register your vehicle for an online overnight parking pass, please visit the Frontline public portal.

Central Business District Residents

A parking decal is required for residents who live within the Central Business District (CBD) to park overnight in downtown La Grange. CBD residents should call Village Hall at (708) 579-2300 for information regarding the residential day and overnight parking within the business district.

Visitor Parking Permission

If you have a special circumstance or an overnight guest, street parking will be permitted on an individual basis for one night at a time, with a maximum of five nights per month.

This can be accomplished by calling the La Grange Police Department's non-emergency number, which is (708) 579-2333.