When can I see what the engineering plans/study results?

Engineering plans for the South Basin/50th Street relief sewer are contingent upon several factors which are part of the iterative process of developing bid documents. The current timeline for having a biddable package that can be issued for construction companies to bid on the work is April 2024. 

The North Basin Study is underway with modeling and data collection taking place through October. Preliminary results are anticipated by December, and a finalized study is anticipated in January 2024.

Engineering plans and studies include data collection, modeling, and iterative steps of design, modeling, and redesign prior to the development of initial and final proposals. Studies are performed by Civil Engineers with specialized training. The scope and complexity of conveyance design dictates the time required to prepare proposals. The conduct of this work involves the consideration and review of many design aspects, with the ultimate design reflecting the best solution for realizing the project’s objectives.

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5. When can I see what the engineering plans/study results?
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